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About the Facilitators

A friendly crew of community-minded, composting experts from across the Auckland region are ready to teach you new composting techniques, or help you perfect your existing practice. Composting is a lifestyle habit that is easily adopted and they will show you how simple it really is.

No questions are too big or too small. The Compost Collective facilitators want to show you what can be done with your food scraps and garden waste so your organic matter doesn’t end up in landfill.

Get in touch with a facilitator from your area if you want advice on composting. They passionately care about our soil and want to help you make a positive difference in our fine city.

NOTE: If you belong to a community group you could also consider organising your own, free workshop with one of the facilitators in your neighbourhood. Call or email them and start the conversation today.

Phillippa Beagley (Pip)

I am passionate about growing food and therefore passionate about growing soil. My preferred method for organic waste recycling is cold composting, though I am really enjoying giving Bokashi a go! Completing the cycle is important to me, to take responsibility of the waste my family produces and recycle it within our property is a great goal.

Judy Keats

I will encourage you to change your viewpoint on household waste, and show you how to turn it into a wonderFULL resource. Compost and fertilizer will supercharge your veggies, flowers and trees. Believe me, it beats the bagged variety
Ph. 021 635 607

Adam Ben-Dror

I am a passionate food grower, composter, worm farmer and artist. I like learning alongside others and working in community. Let’s meet the worms, let’s meet the microbes, let’s make compost!

Kristina Bellamy

I have been gardening since before I could walk – my dad taught me that seeing the soil as a living thing, not just a patch of dirt is what makes a good gardener. If you want to get good things out of it, you need to put great things into it. Do you recycle glass, tins and paper? It’s time to recycle your food scraps too. Honestly- it’s not that scary or hard to do!

Hari Narayan

I am passionate about gardening and composting. I want to share my gardening and composting knowledge to the rest of the community so we can maintain good soil health and grow healthy vegetables. I am here to close the equation. Garden to table – table to garden!
Ph. 021 0291 7519


Sustainable Papakura

We are a charitable organisation working to promote Sustainable Living , Waste Minimisation and Resource Recovery in and around Papakura. We’re excited to offer the knowledge and experience of the Compost Collective workshops to our community in conjunction with our Sustainable Living Workshops programme so more people can get on board with this eco-friendly way of dealing with food scraps.

Ph: 027 405 8159 (Rosemary)

Kayleigh Appleton (Waiheke Resources Trust)

My passion from composting comes from a lifelong belief that we are nature and must act as such. That means building soils to foster life instead of continually taking nutrients from them until we can take no more. I have had the privilege of learning and working on the hot composting project at the Waiheke Resources Trust for the last few years and have also learned heaps from my colleagues and personal composting projects. My composting toilet has got to be my favourite composting method as it’s such a great way to capture our human waste and save water which is essential on Waiheke as we use 100% rainwater.
Ph. 021 0837 4493

Your Facilitators – Community Groups

Hinemoa Robati

Ko au te whenua, te whenua ko au. I am the land, the land is me. Kia Ora, I’m Hinemoa Robati and I am a rangatahi of the land. Composting is a journey I am taking as a mama of three. I want to teach my children about the importance of having healthy land plus healthy soil equals healthier you. Come and invest in yourself and our next generations future by composting with me and my son. It’s easy, come along with us on our journey, we can teach you too!

Pacific Vision Aotearoa (PVA)

We are an organisation of passionate community change agents, intent on ‘taking care of the fonua and Moana: weaving in our cultural wisdom’.  Our team of navigators value the journey of food and the importance of returning what has come from the whenua back to the whenua.   All navigators are home and community composters and keen to share their love of kai.

If the land is well the people will thrive!
Ph. 021 0841 3563 (Kat)   

L-R: Therese Mangos, Sera Schwalger, Kathleen Ng Shiu

Hye Jung Kim

I prefer keeping Bokashi for growing fresh chillies. They boost my appetite and health as well. I am keen to share this useful information with our Korean community and nourish soil for the next generation. “Just do it” is my motto. I hope I can say “hello” to worms.
Ph. 021 273 4588

CCET (Chinese Conservation Education Trust)

The Chinese Conservation Education Trust (CCET) was founded to foster a love and understanding of New Zealand’s special places, plants and animals. We are a group of individuals dedicated to bringing conservation to the Chinese living in New Zealand.

The Trust works continuously and tirelessly to educate the New Zealand Chinese on conservation and environmental protection and to foster their contribution to a sustainable future for generations to come.
Ph. 027 491 8151

Hari Narayan

I am passionate about gardening and composting. I want to share my gardening and composting knowledge to the rest of the community so we can maintain good soil health and grow healthy vegetables. I am here to close the equation. Garden to table – table to garden!
Ph. 021 0291 7519


Richard Main

My favourite method of composting is Hot compost, it’s fun ‘just like baking a cake.’ I am keen to share with you an organic approach to turning waste streams into black gold and grow an abundance of food with a dynamic cast of billions of micro citizens.
Ph. 09 273 9650 ext 205