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Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m a primary school teacher. When did you start composting? Started composting a couple years ago. I was back up home in Te Tai Tokerau, and there just happened to be a compost bin. Why do you do it? I compost to cut down on the waste that will

  Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m a Project Coordinator and I’m interested in empowering women and local communities. I love watching anything on Netflix and venting about the experiences of women from minority backgrounds on the internet. When did you start composting? I started actively composting myself at the beginning of 2016 when

  Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m in Year 5 at a green gold enviro school. When did you start composting? When I was 3 and going to Pigeon Mountain Kindergarten, I got involved in their worm farm and was soon in charge of feeding the worms. I was also interested in their waste

Gerrie has been composting for over 30 years and it would be difficult to imagine a more down-to-earth approach than hers. Living alone in Glenfield she doesn’t accept that composting becomes too hard as you get older. Instead she says “you have to adapt”. Gerrie uses a system of three round plastic compost bins, plus

Michele and her partner live on the top floor of an apartment block in Mount Eden. With no garden or outdoor space it’s not an obvious place to find a worm farm, but for the past fifteen years Michele has been happily composting all their food waste in her worm farm in the laundry and

Soriya is a busy mum with three boys aged 2, 4 and 5. The family moved to a house in Forrest Hill on the North Shore a year ago, and have been enjoying using the products of their compost bins and worm farm on their garden for the first time. Soriya has taught her three

Darren, his partner and their two-year-old live in a rental property in Birkenhead. He has worked with the landlords to set up an urban garden with full composting facilities that is nothing short of amazing. In fact they even process some of the food waste from a nearby café. And whilst Darren’s natural talents for

Auckland’s urban jungle is perhaps not an obvious place to start a composting story, but Ian Boothroyd uses the waste his colleagues produce to create delicious home grown vegetables. Ian works for Boffa Miskell Ltd, an environmental planning and design consultancy based in the CBD. With the support of his colleagues, who were already on

Manurewa Community Teaching Garden is a colourful and abundant piece of land in the heart of Auckland’s southern suburbs. The fun, experimental spirit of the garden’s main mentor, Grant, is in evidence throughout the garden. Pop down on a Wednesday morning or a Saturday and you will find people working away on their allocated piece