You can still keep food scraps out of landfill by donating them through ShareWaste NZ. Meet Celia, who is doing just that with a Bokashi system in an apartment!

Celia collecting food scrapsTell us a bit about yourself
I live in an apartment in Grey Lynn, with my partner, with only a balcony for outdoor space. We moved here early in 2020, from a house in Waterview where I also composted, using the same system I do now, as we aren’t big gardeners.

What composting methods do you use?
I use the Bokashi system. I have an arrangement with a friend dating back to when we lived in Waterview, and they take the contents of my Bokashi for their garden. And more recently I signed up to and now have found someone else locally who is happy to take my mature Bokashi. When my Bokashi is full and ready, I just get in touch with both people and see who gets back to me first and needs extra for their compost.

When did you start composting and what do you enjoy about it?
I started composting when a friend told me about the Compost Collective and I attended a free workshop at Kelmarna Gardens in Grey Lynn. Using the discount voucher I got, I bought a Bokashi and it’s just so easy to use.

Why do you compost, even if you aren’t using some or all of the end results yourself?
I like that we don’t generate as much unnecessary waste. We don’t have to empty our rubbish bin as often – it’s probably only about once a month now. But mainly I really like the idea of doing something good for the environment. It’s great that even if we aren’t using the end result, someone (and Mother Earth) is getting the benefit of the compost. That makes me feel like I’m part of a community. Now we’re living in an apartment, it still gives me a sense of connection with the outdoors too.Celia with her Bokashi bucket

How do you make composting an easy part of your everyday life?
Now we’re in the apartment, I keep the Bokashi system down in our carpark. I have a lidded container to collect my food scraps in the fridge, then when it’s full, one of us takes it down to the carpark area, usually along with our other recycling. It takes a few months to fill the Bokashi and then we just drop it off when it’s convenient. I’m so into it now we even do it when we’re away, keeping food scraps to add to our Bokashi when we’re back!

What would you recommend about composting to other people?
For people who don’t have a garden or don’t want to use the end results of a composting system, Bokashi and ShareWaste is such an easy option.

Find out more

Want to learn more about Bokashi and other types of composting? Find a free workshop near you. ShareWaste NZ helps you connect with people who want more material for their compost, worm farm or backyard chickens. It’s free to sign up as a donor (who gives food scraps) or host (who uses food scraps for compost etc).


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