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Product Information

Bokashi: Widely used throughout New Zealand, ZingBokashi Compost processes household kitchen and food waste into highly productive garden compost in just 4 weeks! This is an easy composting system and great if you are new to composting. It can even be stored in your kitchen pantry if there’s room.

2 x 10-litre Bucket Sets and 2 Bags of Compost-Zing
10-litre systems
Bucket Dimensions: 330mm high x 275mm x 275mm

Compost Bin: This is a 240L compost bin, made in New Zealand. For traditional, gardening composting.

Layered Worm Farm with 250 grams of worms
Base liquid collection container (black)
Instructions, nut, tap, pot
Two worm bins (green)
Lid (1 x small grill holes)
Lids (2 x larger grill holes)
Shredded cardboard & bedding block

Worm farm dimensions: 600mm high x 420mm x 420mm

*Discount applied to RRP $xx.xx

**Shipping is included in the price

(RRP details are: Compost Bin $68, Worm Farm $109 (including worms), Bokashi $112 (including zing)