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Community Composting Options

We’re helping more people to compost their food scraps, even if they don’t have the space or need for compost themselves.

Community composting hubs accept food scraps to create compost. In many cases, these hubs use the compost to nourish community gardens or distribute the compost for community needs.

When you use a community composting hub, you’re helping keep food scraps out of landfill. This helps ensure these valuable nutrients aren’t lost forever, and reduces production of methane in landfills.

Pilot hubs

We currently have two Community Composting Hubs running as pilots, to evaluate how best to meet our community needs, located at:

Engine Bay Nursery, Hobsonville Point

For more information please contact Judith by email:

EcoMatters Community Garden, New Lynn

For more information please contact Amanda by email:

Community Garden sign

Building a network of Community Composting Hubs

We want to build a network of hubs right across Auckland. We have free tools and support available to help you get started, including signage, stickers for donors, and DIY bins for bokashi, worm farms and traditional compost systems.

To receive this free support, you need to:

  • commit to being a Community Composting Hub in the Auckland region
  • register on ShareWaste NZ as a host accepting food scraps
  • have a process in place for accepting food scraps from the community, which includes following all essential health and safety guidance, including for COVID-19 alert levels when necessary. EcoMatters has health and safety risk assessment template documents available to community gardens to download from this page.
  • provide us a main point of contact for your hub, for dealing with any community enquiries
  • offer your donors a ShareWaste NZ sticker for their letterbox/gate/fence and promote the ShareWaste NZ app to them

To request your free support and tools, please email and let her know how you meet the above criteria.

DIY Composting Systems

Free DIY Compost Bins

DIY compost bins, bokashi bins and worm farms are also available free to community composting hubs, community gardens, schools and workplaces who want to start composting. Please note bins will need to be collected from a warehouse in West Auckland.

For free DIY bins, please email to find out more.