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Community Composting Hubs

We want to help more people with composting their food scraps, even if they don’t have the space or need for compost themselves.

Community composting hubs are places that accept anyone’s food scraps. In many cases, these hubs use the compost to nourish community gardens or distribute the compost for community needs.

When you use a community composting hub, you’re helping keep food scraps out of landfill. This helps ensure these valuable nutrients aren’t lost forever, and reduces production of methane in landfills.

Find a local Composting Hub

Keen to find a place to drop off your food scraps instead of throwing them in the bin? The easiest way to find a local composting hub is to join ShareWaste NZ

ShareWaste NZ is a free initiative and web app that aims to connect New Zealanders and support urban composting. ShareWaste helps Kiwis who have green scraps and would like to compost them (rather than just chuck them into the landfill bin) to find a neighbour with a composting bin, worm farm or chooks willing to accept their waste.

Have a look at the ShareWaste map to see how close to home you might be able to drop off your compost!

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Keen to start a community compost hub? Check out our free resources for community compost hubs here.