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Rodent-free and rodent-proofing composting tips

We understand that rodents are one of the biggest barriers for composting, but there are easy ways to combat and eliminate them! We recently joined forces with Predator Free NZ to produce these fantastic tips on keeping rodents away from your compost. Head over to Predator Free NZ and have a look at the Q&A with our Compost Collective experts to see what you can learn, and there are also some great tips on how to rodent-proof your compost bin.

You can rat proof a standard 240-litre compost bin, using these instructions designed by Phil Salisbury, Rat Team Leader of Te Korowai o Waiheke (Predator Free Waiheke). You will need cable ties, stainless steel square mesh (1.25mm squares), measuring Tape, and wire cutters to complete this project.