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In Auckland, 50% of our household rubbish is organic waste such as food scraps and garden waste. Currently, this means that over 120,000 tonnes of organic waste gets sent into landfill each year where it remains forever.

But we can turn these startling statistics around! Thanks to the support of Auckland Council, the Compost Collective is teaching Aucklanders how to return organic waste back to the soil naturally through composting.

The Compost Collective website, and a team of keen composting tutors, are here to help you learn the basics of composting or build on the skills you already have. Free workshops are taking place across wider Auckland and discounts on a composting system that best suits your Auckland household are up for grabs!

Join us to learn how easy it is to compost your food scraps and garden waste and let’s look forward to a zero waste future Auckland together.


We’re here to inform and engage as many people as we possibly can about the benefits of composting and help people reduce their kerbside waste. We want to entertain, engage, empower and encourage the community to learn about smart gardening, food/waste prevention and waste minimisation.


To learn more about the progress we’ve made, please download and read our annual reports from here:

2022-2023 Compost Collective Annual Report

2021-2022 Compost Collective Annual Report

2020-2021 Compost Collective Annual Report

2019-2020 Compost Collective Annual Report

2018-2019 Compost Collective Annual Report

2017-2018 Compost Collective Annual Report

2016-2017 Compost Collective Annual Report


The project was initiated through seed funding from the Auckland Council Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund (WMIF). Funding for subsidised compost systems offered on this site is provided through the Auckland Council compost programme budget.

The Collaborators

With support from Auckland Council, the Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre and EcoMatters Environment Trust are teaming up to help create change. Both organisations have been engaged with composting and waste minimisation programmes for many years.

The KAIPATIKI PROJECT aims to create a totally sustainable Auckland. Based on the North Shore, our mission is to help inspire sustainability through helping people with their environmental challenges. We aim to connect people to the environment, and each other, where they can take action to make a difference.

ECOMATTERS is focused on building healthy environments together with the community. Besides our drop in environment centre on site in New Lynn, we provide information and services on a wide range of sustainability  topics including: waste minimisation, energy and water conservation, ecological restoration, freshwater quality and community gardening.”


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